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Phoebe Willo releases the ethereal ‘4am’

21-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist Phoebe Willo has taken her personal feelings and put them to song, realising an ability to connect to her audience in a deep way, whilst still delivering melodious and infectious music.

With floating melodies and gorgeous harmony, Phoebe Willo is once again showing off her ability to creating infectious moments wrapped up in deep emotional vulnerability and a handful of relatability. With her folky instrumentation and ethereal synth design coming together to create a forest of wistful sounds, fireflies of piano twinkles float down around us, while the rhythms of toms tambourine take hold of moving the track forward. Layer that with the glittery hums of processed vocals, synth pads and bells and what we are left with is an eclectic mix of everything we’ve come to love about Phoebe’s music. After an absolutely storming couple of years, it’s obvious that the artist means business, and continues to showcase incredibly songwriting with each new release.

Phoebe shares, “I wrote the song when I was up at 4am one morning, it is a song about regret, a missed opportunity, a relationship that could perhaps have developed had I tried a bit harder.”

On the success of her recent SongBits campaign, she adds, “I was completely blown away by the success of my campaign as it raised over $30,000 from fans investing in my song ‘Lost in the Music’. This has never been done by an unknown independent artist before, and I’m thrilled I was given the opportunity.”