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Pio Hartnett drops new E.P “Cargo”

Pio Hartnett might hail from Galway, but his sound and his audience are international. Building his gig CV across 2022, he’s even managed to impress gig-going crowds. Hartnett also has a strong visual/sonic partnership. His recent release, ‘Will you be back before dark?’, saw him collaborate with award-winning director Andy Asco for an accompanying music ‘film’ set in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Hartnett returns with a new E.P entitled “Cargo” which has been spearheaded by single “When I Go There.” “When I Go There” is an emotionally-penned offering. Featuring impactful bass lines, heartwarming piano lines and irresistible vocal melodies, “When I Go There” will pick you up and leave you wanting more. “Cargo,” as an E.P, will be sure to take the listener on a journey with Pio’s signature blend of pop, folk and indie rock. Pio credits his producer Zak Higgins also.

Speaking about this, he shares: “Working with Zak over the past two years, one big thing I’ve learned from him is to not do things by halves. There’s more music in the world right now than ever – and the fact is, some of it is really good. So if we’re going to make something… why would we do anything but make it the absolute best we can. If we don’t love it, why should we expect anyone else to?”

“It was only when we sat down and listened to the project through, on Zak’s speakers in his little bedroom in Strawberry Beds when it was all done, that I realised what tied it all together. I felt less sure than ever at that point that I had something worthwhile to share. But then I heard my life over the course of a couple years, across the songs, and something about it – even the mistakes – seemed right. I was surprised – I turned to Zak and laughed, “that… actually could be workable,” I think is what I said.”

“The whole project is about carrying something. Fighting for it. Taking something from one place to another, and trying to keep it in one piece along the way – or even just getting it there, no matter what it takes.”

With huge tastemaker support and a growing audience, we cannot wait to see where he takes this.

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