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Poison Oak hone in their sound on new EP ‘The View From Here’

Poison Oak have been establishing their sound for a while now, and it seems that a lot of the hard work has paid off. Lively guitars, drums and bass provide a complete backdrop for funky and well delivered vocals that are perfect for the sunshine. It’s clear to see the tracks have a raw Australian-rock sound but presented in more of well rounded, sophisticated and beautifully flowing EP, showcasing how far their musicianship has come.

Talking about the release the band say: “The View from Here” is our third EP, showcasing a development in our sound from our previous two EPs. I think we really have started to come together more as a song writing team on this one, linking in more with each other and bouncing ideas together. The EP has a wide variation of sound with ‘Beveridge being more a dirty blues song while Hope You Like View containing elements of 90’s punk rock. As for inspiration, the biggest inspiration is, ourselves. We’re constantly pushing, to develop our sound a little further. However, we do draw influences from The Cure, Violent Soho, and Smashing Pumpkins to just name a few.”

The EP ‘The View From Here’ features tunes: ‘Hope You Like The View’, ‘Recovery,’ ‘Losing Ourselves’, ‘Weekend Blues’, and ‘Beveridge’ all of which are executed extremely well and provide the listener with an irresistible urge to dance. Poison Oak present themselves as a fresh sound that will get stuck in your ears and we can’t wait to see how their career progresses.

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