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PREMIER: Maki Flow – ‘Better Off Alone’

Delivering a brand new single, and first release of the year; London-based singer-songwriter Maki Flow is set to release her highly anticipated single ‘Better Off Alone’.

Hailing from Rome, now based in London; Maki Flow has spent the last few years captivating the attention of listeners around the world since the release of her debut single Hazy in 2017. Since then she has garnered a vast amount of attention and acclaim, racking up over three million streams on Spotify alone. An incredible rising artist, and certainly one to watch; Maki Flow is now back with her first release of 2021 and the latest in her series of dazzling singles with her brand new track Better Off Alone – out today. The song taken from her forthcoming debut EP Can’t Act My Age, set for release later this year, Better Off Alone marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for Maki.

“Don’t cry for me…’cause I’m better off alone”

The latest slice of her dazzling and powerful electro-pop, nu-disco sound; the vibrant soundscape is filled with glimmering melodies and addictive pop-beats that will hook you from the very first note. Anthemic, dynamic and bold, the song is a brilliant call to arms and reminder, for both Maki and all of her ever-growing audience, to stand tall on their own terms and not need anybody else to feel their own worth. With pounding synths and a rhythmic bassline and percussion running throughout, the captivating instrumental ebbs and flows, building encompass grand disco-themed choruses and running into softer, yet deeply impassioned moments. Alongside the dazzling melodies are Maki’s impressive and skilled vocals that are no doubt the absolute stand out feature of the track. 

Talking more about the new single and meaning behind the song, Maki explains… 

“I spent years in relationships back home in Italy, so used to being with someone and losing sight of who I really was. Then I moved to London on my own, and began to realise I didn’t need someone by my side to make me feel worthy. It was then that I discovered how to stand on my own two feet.”


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