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Producer merry choppins releases new dual-single ‘cloudin’ / ‘nananana’

With a production and songwriting portfolio including work for BTS, SIA, Ashe and numerous other stars, Tony Esterly knows the recipe for a successful track. Now turning his skills towards his solo project, Tony has emerged under the moniker merry choppins, making his debut with double single ‘cloudin’ / ‘nananana’.

Fusing together electronic, pop and R&B amongst other influences, merry choppins presents a scintillating new sound unlike anything else on the market. With dreamy vocal chops appearing alongside staggered beats and shimmering chord progressions, ‘cloudin’ / ‘nananana’ provides a taste of what’s to come from this mega-talent, and will leave listeners craving more.

Discussing his new release, merry choppins reveals: “This project serves a dual purpose – to have a platform to share my own unique sound as an artist after years of helping others define their sound and also challenge myself to take a couple steps past the norms into the weird zone. I’ve written so many great songs with artists that didn’t necessarily fit their lane. Some of what you’ll hear from merry choppins are songs that started with others but were re-produced and made into my own, while others have been merry choppins from day one.”

Check out merry choppins’ new release here.

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