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Raphael releases exuberant debut single ‘Faith’

Raphael has stormed onto the pop scene with his bombastic debut single entitled ‘Faith’. Raphael brings passionate lyricism and heartfelt performance to a track with an equally dynamic instrumental. Heavy hitting synths surround our ears along with excitable electronic drums. We are led through the track with the repeated theme of ‘faith has a name’, asking introspective questions about taking a leap of faith in our own lives. Do we ignore having faith out of fear? Will you take the leap?

Alongside the track is an accompanying music video, creating the metaphor of an astronaut taking a leap of faith into space. We are encouraged to take the same approach to love and relationships.

Speaking on the new release, he says, “Love is like an Astronaut and behind the mask there can be anyone, and the same is true for faith, if it had a name it would be love, and anyone would be able to feel it. The music expresses this universality in the song and in the music video.”

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