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RAPHAEL shares passionate new single ‘Love Is Money’

Debuting last year with a penchant for grandiose sound design and exciting visuals. The artist’s core values lie in sharing the importance of chasing your dreams, a message he portrays through passionate lyricism and metaphors littered in his music videos. The Nigerian-born, London-based artist hopes to be a beacon of hope with his releases.

Following on thematically from his previous releases, RAPHAEL’s latest single ‘Love Is Money’, shares a new avenue to his ambitions, speaking on how love is more important than money, and caring for those around you should always be your priority. This is delivered over what is quickly becoming RAPHAEL’s signature sound, bombastic synth design, pulsating effects and danceable, thumping drums. The track is also laced with fragile piano arpeggios and soft woodwind and string arrangements that add a sense of poignance to the quieter moments. Overall, however, RAPHAEL has crafted an anthemic and passionate new single.

In his own words, “The song celebrates the heart’s currency and the power of love. If I search for a feeling, I’m rich in my heart … love is like money in your pocket; if you’ve got it, you’re rich.” I sing in my song “Love is Money. ” There aren’t many who rule the world without a penny; yes, I can.