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Reciprocity Nexus unveils raw album ‘Family Portraits, Vol. 4’

The solo project from one half of the virtual band The Third Space, Reciprocity Nexus is songwriter Hendrik Kleinmiede’s opportunity to explore both his songwriting and wider collaborative ideas. Based in London, Hendrik is a successful digital designer by day, devoting his free time to his music, with Reciprocity Nexus alone being host to a string of album and EP releases since its inception in 2015.

The latest release from the project is ‘Family Portraits, Vol. 4’, an album of easy-going indie rock and whimsical folk soundscapes. The ‘Family Portraits’ franchise of albums offers a glimpse into Hendrik’s life. Raw and unfiltered, the songwriter speaks to the everyday, letting his influences span a wide array of ensembles and styles. Most comfortable alongside his guitar, almost all of the tracks feature Hendrik delivering his gentle vocals alongside bright guitar chords. Fourteen tracks in length, the album effortlessly takes you on a journey of the human experience.

The artist adds, “The fourth instalment in the ‘Family Portraits’ franchise. More snapshots in time from family life. Moments good, bad and indifferent. The joy and the pain. The exhilarations…and disappointments. The ups and downs. The full picture of life led amongst your kin. As the saying goes, “you can choose your friends…””