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Remus Rujinschi unveils smokey single ‘In The Moment’

When he began to garner attention as an underground producer thirty years ago, the artist releasing remixes of popular tracks to be played in clubs, Remus Rujinschi couldn’t have predicted the path he had embarked on. Working with major record labels, refining his skills across the genre spectrum, becoming a composer and training the next generation of engineers, his constant diversification continues to make him an interesting prospect.

With his latest single ‘In The Moment’, Remus Rujinschi showcases his ability to find the balance between commerciality and truly infectious dance songwriting. Filling up the atmosphere with smokey, soulful vocals, chopped up for more impact at each appearance, alongside dynamic rhythms that capture the chest-pumping nature of classic house with a modern smoothness, makes for a kaleidoscopic listen, the track right at home at midnight on the dancefloor or with the sun blazing down. Building more and more energy with each second, it knows exactly how to get you moving and pulls it off phenomenally.

Remus adds, “The latest musical offering, serves as a profound reminder of the fleeting yet infinite nature of time. It is a sonic embodiment of the philosophy that every ticking second presents us with a unique opportunity to link with essence where the present meets the infinite, this time, this now, is all we have.”