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Returning with her latest single, JenMarie delivers an addictive new track ‘One Try One Nite’

Continuing the success of her debut single Living Life; US sensation JenMarie is back with her latest release One Try One Night.

Tulsa-born, Atlanta-claimed and Bronx made; US artist JenMarie made her emergence onto the music scene last summer with her debut release Living LifeDelving into music, following a successful journalistic career; JenMarie has been working on, and honing her craft, to deliver a captivating pop and R&B artistry. And today, she is back with her latest new release – her brand new single One Try One Nite 

Produced by Epiq ‘The Illustrator’​, the track features a stylish and expertly crafted production; paired with gentle synths, melodic afrobeat and pop rhythms, and an addictive percussive beat that runs throughout. Alongside the vibrant up-tempo soundscape are JenMarie’s skilled and delightful vocals, that hook you from the very first note. And with enchanting and honeyed vocal harmonies, the sonic landscape gleams with a vibrant and captivating energy. 

Explaining the meaning behind the song, JenMarie says; it’s ​about a woman who is letting a man know he only has one night to prove that she should give him any of her time” 

Delivering a hard to resist sound, and a dynamic array of skilled vocals; JenMarie is showcasing her artistic prowess, and highlighting herself as a rising artist to watch. 


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