RIVES release new single ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best’

Cheltenham-based duo RIVES return with their new single, the impactful and emotive ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best.’ Featuring shimmering guitar chords and pulsing beats, the track builds a contemporary soundscape, presenting dark alt-pop with dreamy R&B undertones. RIVES never fails to deliver on the vocals, with an effortlessly powerful delivery reminiscent of vocalists such as Sam Thompkins and Tom Grennan. The lyrical content is flooded with hard-hitting emotion, demonstrating RIVES’ capability to craft tracks that are doused in authenticity. 

Speaking of their new song, the duo says: “A catchy but bittersweet combination of pop meets dreamscape rock that talks of making the tough decision to move on from a relationship. This is a personal track for us and one that defines the project as a whole.”

RIVES are storytellers of emotional experience; each track reveals another step in a well-worn journey, from heartbreak to recovery, through moments that are all too familiar. Their previous three singles have been narrating the stages of a breakup, and ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best’ is the final installation of the story, exploring getting over the troubles experienced in the relationship. With unlimited potential, RIVES are definitely one to keep on your radar. 

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