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Rosie P – ‘YOU’

The incredible follow on from her 2023 single Reflections, neo-soul and R&B artist Rosie P has come back this year with the release of her exciting new single, YOU. Marking the latest chapter in her artistic journey, and another taste of her self exploration and artistic expression; YOU is a smooth and sultry dive into the importance of communication, and the ability to reflect on personal growth and self-progression. 

From singer, to songwriter, to saxophonist, Rosie P is no doubt a multi-talented artist and certified triple threat; utilising her varied talents and rich musical background to weave throughout her music an array of influences, styles, and generic expressions. Her latest single YOU is certainly no exception as she brings together elements from across Jazz, neo-soul and R&B to create something modern yet classic; effortlessly layered alongside silky smooth vocals, melodic percussive beats, and rhythmic sax riffs. Utterly irresistible and stunningly produced, this is certainly one you wont want to miss. 

Talking about the track, Rosie explains:

“It’s amazing to witness how the lyrics have taken on new, deeper meanings since I first wrote this. It’s been really satisfying to use this song as a means to reflect on how I’ve changed and grown over the past few years. Now as a 24 year old woman, I can reflect on my past self and appreciate the progress I’ve made. ‘YOU’ really captures that sense of ongoing self-improvement and introspection.”

With YOU being only a small taste of what’s to come from the talented songstress, and more music on the horizon; keep your eyes peeled for an in-depth chat with Rosie P coming soon on TSU where we will talk about YOU and all things music, her journey so far, and what’s in store for the rest of 2024.