Russ Coson drops new single ‘Twisted’

‘Twisted’ is a song about the ebbs and flows of love in a relationship. Russ describes how a love interest shows affection towards him one day but then acts indifferent the next day, resulting in feelings of confusion, passion, and pain. The song was inspired by Keith Sweat’s original ‘Twisted’ released in 1996, with Russ delivering smooth melodies with a West Coast 00s tinge with the addition of sharp beats. 

Russ Cosón is a Filipino-American Recording Artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area , currently residing in Los Angeles. His signature sound features silky smooth vocals, infectious melodies and a unique style of rapping and singing. Russ Cosón burst onto the scene with his 2014 song “Right Now” which was selected as 106 KMEL’s “Bay Pick of the Week.” Since then Russ’s fanbase has expanded, and still continues to grow with every musical move he makes, performing across the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and even Boston.

Committed to making change through music, Cosón hopes to lead as an example to inspire. Striving to better himself everyday, his music career keeps pushing forward. Russ has no plans in stopping and enjoys every minute of his musical journey, and we can’t wait to see where he’ll take it. 

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