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Saige showcases vulnerability in heartwarming new single “Emulsify”

Saige is back, and is set to make her mark on 2023. Even though she’s only released a handful of singles, she’s already acquired a global fanbase and has gained a warm welcome to the music industry. Her unique and personable lyricism sees her connect and engage with an audience that find solace within her music.

Her latest single “Emulsify” is equally as heartwarming as her previous releases. The track features a powerful combination of heartwarming synths and playful drum beats. Chorus-soaked guitar lines ebb and flow in between, whilst her immersive vocals land on top. Lyrically the track expresses emotions of love, and fully showcases her writing ability.

Speaking about the track, she says: “Emulsify is actually the only love song I’ve ever written. I’d never been one for staying at home, I’d feel a bit anxious and like a caged lion. I got into this relationship, and everything just slowed and calmed down in the best way possible. We got our own place and I found I never wanted to leave; serene and enjoying their company. 

“I get a lot of people asking me about the song title. When two liquids emulsify, they don’t fully become the one liquid – they’ll mix well together – but if you look very closely some particles of them both remain separate – much like people in relationships. I like that idea. We’d joke about us melting onto the couch together, and the song inspiration just went from there.

The future looks incredibly bright for the singer-songwriter with upcoming E.P “Sparks” on the way. We think she’ll get to the very top.