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SAL releases warm new single “Red Wine”

SAL has had a fantastic couple of years. Her first three singles, “Bullet In The Heart,” “Everything,” and “Merry Go Round” were all released to critical acclaim. She’s received a No.1 in the Irish iTunes charts, and has been lauded by music tastemakers and fans alike. Alongside this, she’s also shared the stage with some of the best, including Declan O’Rourke, Aimee, Mick Flannery, The Stunning, Luka Bloom, Wyvern Lingo.

SAL is back, with a warm new offering entitled “Red Wine.” The single features warm, acoustic guitars, chorus-drenched electric guitars and divine backing vocals. Her vocals are signature, heartwarming and work hand in glove with her well-penned lyricism.

Speaking about the single, SAL says: “I wrote ‘Red Wine’ in the depths of winter by candlelight. It’s a song about struggling to let go and facing a painful truth. A longing to hold on to how things used to be and knowing that the weight of love you have for someone might always feel like an indulgence but it’s all that you know. The song fell out of me effortlessly, it almost felt like the song was waiting for me to write it. “

I recorded ‘Red Wine’ with a recording collective here in Cork, Ireland called Catalyst. I have never felt more at ease and comfortable in a recording setting. The song just fell into place without much discussion between the musicians, producer or myself about what was needed. It was all extremely intuitive, gentle and fell into place so beautifully. The trumpet and piano were tracked after the live recording. These embellishments added so much more sadness and vulnerability to the song, which complimented the lyric in the most perfect way.”

SAL writes and records from the heart, and it has captivated the music industry. We cannot wait to see where she’ll take this.

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