Salvatore Manalo shares sultry and feel-good single ‘Dreaming’

Creating the perfect ambience with elegant and rich soundscapes, US artist Salvatore Manalo shows us how to create the perfect R&B/Soul track with ‘Dreaming’. The song takes inspiration from 90’s pop and R&B, but with an added contemporary spin.  

Salvatore explains, “I wanted to write something larger than life and ended up producing a large portion of this track in one day. I kept hearing the chorus in my head and decided to write about the dreamlike state of being with the people you care about. I sent over the track to my friend Matt Brewster to lay a proper bass track  here in Portland, my buddy Trevor Lund who was on a cruise ship to put some brass on, and the talented Jenni Rudoph to do harmonies down in LA.”

Take a listen to the irresistible track here:

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