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Sam Seccombe – ‘Crocodile Tears’

“I know I couldn’t explain, watching your crocodile tears in the rain” 

Continuing to place his mark on the music scene over the past few years, rising artist Sam Seccombe has been going from strength to strength and showing no signs of slowing down; captivating listeners with his immersive brand of indie-pop led artistry. Following a series of releases so far this year; today, Sam is back with the final feature track – Crocodile Tears – from his brand new EP, To Be Quite Frankboth of which are out today. Filled with pre-released fan favourites such as Unboyfriend and Toxic History, the 7-track record is a perfect new addition to Sam’s ever growing sonic collection; and Crocodile Tears is a stunning stand out track and perfect accompanying single to tie the EP together. 

Bringing together a blend of exquisite guitar melodies alongside Sam’s gentle vocals, Crocodile Tears instantly immerses you deep into a pensive and introspective sonic world that perfectly reflects the fitting energy and ambience of the track. Delivering a poignant and emotive instrumental, the stunning and expertly crafted guitar-led melody gives off a sombre and gentle atmosphere throughout; showcasing Sam’s artistic skill and his signature sound and style. Continuing the story of the EP and themes we hear throughout the record of an unhealthy relationship; Crocodile Tears sees Sam explore both aspects of a complicated relationship – acknowledging the good bits while addressing the bad, and getting clarity to see the relationship for what it was at the time.

Talking about the track and the inspiration behind it, Sam explains:

“It was the night we officially split up, after a miserable and turbulent few months of trying to ‘fix’ the relationship, which had already fallen apart twice and never really got back to where it started out. We both knew it was inevitable.”

To follow Sam on his musical journey and be the first to know about all his latest news and releases, find him on all his socials: @sam.seccombe

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