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Sam Seccombe – ‘Into You’

“How many ways I like to kill the tension/ You got me feeling like I wanna feel them all” 

Back with another new release and first new single of the year; today, rising artist Sam Seccombe has teamed up with Sam Ellwood to deliver their brand new track Into You. With lead vocals, bass and guitar by Sam Seccombe and produced by Sam Ellwood, the track is another incredible lockdown masterpiece with it recorded by Seccombe in his bedroom and sent part-by-part to Ellwood in London where he produced, mixed and mastered the track. A fantastic start to their new year in music, Into You is a can’t miss addition to their ever rising discographies, and perfect new track for all of your current favourite playlists. 

“I’ve known Sam since I was about 14. We played in a rock band together in school – thinking back, I probably played some of my first bits of live music with Sam! I played guitar and Sam sang lead vocals, until he had to leave for university. It was probably 6 years or so until I got back in contact with him after seeing he was becoming a producer, and so it felt only natural for us to reunite and make some music together”.

Sam talking about the pair’s musical background

Melodic, enchanting and a perfect summer anthem, the track is all about the excitement that comes with not knowing what happens next when you start to get close to someone. The latest example of their artistic skill and talent, the song brings you deep into a soulful, groovy and mesmerizing sonic world glimmering with a mass of indie beats and vibrant instrumentals, reminiscent of artists such as Tom Misch and John Mayer – a strong musical influence for the pair. Bringing such an addictive and easy-going atmosphere, it’s the perfect backdrop for Sam’s chilled and honeyed vocals that weave effortlessly across the sonic landscape and bring the track to life. 

Talking about the track, Sam Seccombe explains

The track is about the excitement that comes with not knowing what happens next when you’re getting close with someone. I tend to overthink these sort of things, and it’s always best to just to go with the flow and try to enjoy yourself, whatever happens along the way. This track brings the sort of club energy that I miss big time, but in that sense it also makes me look forward to being able to live the same feeling soon.

To keep up with Sam Seccombe and Sam Ellwood, find them on all their socials: @sam.seccombe & @samellwood

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