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Sam Seccombe – ‘Toxic History’

“I can’t get you out my head/ is there anything to give me clarity”

Delivering some exciting new music this Friday, the talented Sam Seccombe is back with the release of his latest single Toxic HistoryAdding to his ever growing discography and another incredible offering, Toxic History is the latest example of his artistic talent and skill, and the latest in his series of ever impressive releases. Following on from his recent single Into You, Toxic History is the newest and first track taken from his forthcoming third EP To Be Quite Frank which is set for release later this summer. Another must listen to hit from Sam, he continues to prove why he is a rising artist to watch!

With a vibrant and active energy, Toxic History tells the story of a complicated relationship that is 50% spent separated across the Atlantic, 50% spent glued together, and 100% toxic. A perfect introduction to this next chapter and the sound and style we can expect for the upcoming EP, Toxic History features peaceful, yet emotive instrumentals filled with up-tempo indie-pop beats that, while maintaining Sam’s signature vibe and energy, also showcases a new side to his artistic style. With enchanting guitar solos and Sam’s melodic and bold vocals that float above the melody, Toxic History is an absolute can’t miss hit.

Talking about the track and what it’s all about, Sam describes Toxic History as:

“facing the facts of a break-up – no matter how hard you try to shake it off, some bits stick around longer than you’d like them to. I think a big part of getting over something hurtful like that is confronting the aftershocks, and how it might affect the way you react to situations in the future”.

To continue following Sam’s journey and to keep up with all his latest releases, find him on all his socials: @sam.seccombe

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