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Sam Seccombe is back! Today it is all about the incredibly talented Sam Seccombe and his brand new single, Unboyfriendwhich is out todayFollowing on from his previous release, Waiting on Your Love; Unboyfriend retains those unique Sam Seccombe vibes, and easy-listening, indie-acoustic sound. Prior to the singles release, we sat down with Sam to discuss the track, and what this means for him musically. So keep on reading for a more in-depth look at Unboyfriend and what we can expect from Sam Seccombe next. 

The track begins with a beautiful guitar instrumental, featuring some striking riffs, that seamlessly fade into the body of the track. Talking about the instrumentation on the track, and musical influences; Sam spoke about how “It came about when I was mucking about in Cubase (my music software), soloing tracks to hear how they sounded on their own. I loved the sound of these guitar parts, which sit in the background of the 2nd chorus already, and knew they’d make a great intro. The guitar solo over it was done in one take, so it’s a little rough, but I kept it in anyway. The intro definitely sets the mood of the track immediately – it’s definitely much more atmospheric than I expected it to be initially”. And when talking about his inspiration on the track, Sam highlighted John Mayer as his primary influence; which definitely comes through in the intro and guitar riffs, and can be seen throughout his wider discography. 

“Unsurprisingly, some strong John Mayer influences. Namely his track ‘I Don’t Trust Myself’, which is driven by this low-tone, muted guitar riff, put through an envelope filter (I think? I’m admittedly no expert!). I’ve always loved that sound, and putting it down in a track was really fulfilling”.

Sam Seccombe on the influences for Boyfriend

When looking at Unboyfriend within Sam’s wider discography, and how it compares to his other recent releases such a Waiting on Your Love; Sam spoke about how “This track is definitely a new style of production for me. I think for a while I’ve relied on more acoustic, dry textures for my music, which has worked great, but I’ve wanted to be a bit more adventurous with my production for a while now. I’d like to say Unboyfriend has the most exciting production of my music so far. I’m really proud of it”.

And of course, we asked Sam what the best way to listen to the track is, with it projecting a really mellow and calming vibe, and being an ideal summer track. To that, Sam said “it’s upbeat and funky, so can bring your mood up. Equally, it’s got a lot more to it on closer listening. I’d say it’s the sort of thing that you’d listen to when you’re sat on a bus staring out the window in deep thought. A mood-complimenting song, if that’s the right way to put it”. 

With more tracks already in the pipeline, featuring new styles and genres; definitely keep up with Sam to be the first to know when he releases more incredible music, and to see what exciting tracks he releases next! Find him on social media @sam.seccombe; and check out our post on The Stumble Upon, all about his previous single, here.

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