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Sam Stokes releases fabulous debut solo project ‘Common Ground’

Sam Stokes has emerged as a truly unique creative, fuelling her music with poetry, storytelling and a raw attitude to songwriting. Releasing singles across 2023 in the lead-up to her debut solo album ‘Common Ground’, Sam created a stir across music publications.

The album shares both fiery and tender moments. Though the arrangements range from minimal to complex, Sam’s delivery never ceases to make the project feel human. By interweaving spoken word with sung melodies, the artist draws the listener into the world she builds with each line.

Sam releases the project alongside a companion piece of poetry and lyrics, further shining a light on the themes of love, loss, joy and compassion deep in her lyricism.

Sam shares a comment, “My entire commitment in this lifetime is to share love, light and hope through music and art so that our planet and our humanity may be the best it has ever been. I view music as a form of servitude and I hope that in every song that comes through me and every performance, I am able to give someone just a little bit more love in their life.”