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Sam Stokes releases new single ‘The Sun & The Moon’

Sam Stokes’ skill with writing has earned her a committed core fanbase that has grown quickly since her first release in 2022. The artist is self produced, allowing her to craft the full songwriting process with her own hands.

Sam’s debut solo album ‘Common Ground’ is the next big swing at the industry for the artist, promising to bring more of the personality and musicianship that has she has shown so far.

Stokes recently released a new track entitled ‘The Sun & The Moon’, her knowledge, skill and artistic sensitivity coming across in boundless amounts. She draws you in with a rhythmic acoustic guitar and gentle, bouncy percussion, then sets off with both speech and singing. The storytelling is immaculate, driving through the track with little moments of diegetic laughter and phrases. Whether she is singing intricate harmonies or creating an excited crowd from layers of her voice, Sam’s style is highly unique and refreshing to hear.

Sam explains, “Have you ever met someone and forgot the moment you became friends or lovers or both? You meet and realise you’ve been friends for years, if not lifetimes already. You might not know much in this world, but your love for one another is as constant as the sun and the moon.”