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Sara Vukaylov shares her seductive new single ‘Take Me’

Sara Vukaylov, a Serbian musician, was born into a musical family in 2004 and quickly followed in their footsteps. The singer, who is trained in classical music, jazz singing, and violin, has participated in and won awards at a number of music festivals and contests, including ‘Unsigned Only,’ where she won the 2019 Grand Slam Promotion for her first song, ‘Player of Mine‘ and ‘Open Mic UK 2020,’ where she won first place for Best Original Song titled “I Don’t Want You Anymore.”  Recognitions like these have fueled Sara’s desire to write more violin-infused pop and R&B songs, allowing her to expand his creative range. ‘Take Me’, a compelling and addictive throwback R&B track co-written with producer Edward Oberon, is full of hard-hitting beats and soft buttery vocals that convey a picture of desire and addiction in a lusty relationship.

Sara Vukaylov shares the following about the track’s inspiration:

 “I was on my way home one day and on the way, I saw this guy walking down the street. When our eyes met I was completely thrown off by his devilish eyes and the way he looked at me. His energy was very mysterious and intimidating  but also very magnetic and I haven’t felt that from a person ever since so I decided to write a song about it.”

Following her current success, Sara Vukaylov began to work with a UKF management company ‘Future Music Management’ and is now working on an anticipated yet-to-be released EP. ‘Take Me‘  is an enthralling preview of what’s to come in the future.

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