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Sarah Hickey shares the contented narrative of ‘River’

After announcing her debut album last year, Sarah has steadily released a string of captivating singles, each one charming audience to the emotionally driven world Sarah creates. Her sound is one of caring and understanding, known for its reflective and ethereal nature, receiving acclaim for her lyricism and reserved performances. With the album slowly appearing on the horizon, Sarah Hickey’s unique folk songwriting is becoming more and more a sought-after gem.

Sarah’s newest release, ‘River’, is a gentle tale of becoming yourself again, taking everything you’ve learnt along the difficult road and arriving home a new person. Sarah’s soft vocals perfectly embody this sentiment, as she glides through the music as if taking the final steady paces, reflecting on her time. Though her performance is gentle, wistful, and almost heartbroken, there is a rising contentment as the track progresses, helped by the swelling string arrangements and emotive piano arrangement.

Sarah shares a simple but poignant comment, “This song is about getting back to who you really are.”