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Savannah Conley – ‘Not Where I’m Going’

“Maybe I’ll go back to the city, maybe I’ll find someone with a heart of gold”

Earlier this month, rising Nashville singer-songwriter Savannah Conley returned with the release of her latest new single Not Where I’m GoingWith her mother a background singer and her father a session guitarist, Savannah’s musical education was deeply ingrained from an early age which saw her start to perform from the the early age of seven; later making her official debut in 2018 with her inaugural Twenty Twenty EP. Back with a bang this year, Savannah is set to drop her exciting new EP Surprise, Surprise next month which features her latest single Not Where I’m Going. And yesterday, adding to the release of Not Where I’m Going, Savannah came back with some stunning new visuals to accompany the track. 

With a talent for delivering and penning poignant and evocative lyrics that pair timeless melodies with addictive hooks, Not Where I’m Going is the latest example of her artistic skill and talent. Opening with a sombre and emotive piano instrumental, the track brings you into the deeply reflective and immersive sonic world that is all about coming to terms with knowing something is bad for you even when you desperately want to fall back into the old routine. With a gentle and minimalistic country-pop and indie inspired melody running throughout, it’s Savannah’s vocals that stand out as the focal feature of the song. And accompanying the track with a vibrant and cinematic visual experience, the music video features Savannah performing the song in a stark white room, juxtaposed by vibrant colours; a perfect sonic reflection of the track.

 “Realizing the things that are bad for you is hard. Making a commitment to put boundaries on those things is harder. Writing this song, I was in a place where my boundaries and personal commitment were being tested. Everything felt wrong, so It was so tempting to go back to old patterns where moderation was not in my vocabulary for anything. The vocal that you hear is the scratch vocal from the day we wrote it, which I think is so fitting for the song. Raw and honest.”

With much more to come, keep up with Savannah and her dazzling musical journey on all her socials. 


Photo cred: @Sophia Matin Azad

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