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Sean Dampte and Ghetto Boy drop ‘Go Low’

Ghetto Boy is a Grammy Award Winner who has had multiple tracks climb to well over a million streams. His EP ‘Anointed’ dropped in 2017, and he has since capitalised on its success and built a career that has seen him perform on the global scale.

Sean Dampte came to the UK from Lagos, Nigeria and built a reputation in London as an Afro-Pop artist, performing alongside the likes of D’banj, Banky W, 2Face, Wizkid as early as 2010.

Bringing the vibe of a warm summer evening, Sean Dampte and Ghetto Boy have come together for a new track entitled ‘Go Low’. The music starts with a bubbly, deep bass line that starts the groove going, the relaxed energy enforced by the percussion elements. A gentle kick, crisp rim hit, bouncy toms and feel good shaker come together to create a playful rhythm. The piano is equally mellow, with the same chords repeated from start to finish, just keeping the instrumental ticking over and not detracting from the vocal performances. Both artists blend of sung and rapped sections, as well as well placed ad-libs, bring on the confidence of a veteran artist, with the lyricism roots in loosening up, taking things slow and not worrying about anything that isn’t the present.

Ghetto Boy explains, “I always like to make music reflecting on what I’m going through at that moment and experience. Sometimes what me and my boys talk about drives my inspiration.

You don’t need to be the noisy one in the room. Nice and slow, steady wins your lover’s heart.”

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