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Shakota – ‘Mon Fleur’

Last week, rising artist Shakota returned with his first release of the year as he delivered his latest offering – his brand new single Mon Fleur.

Following on from the release of his debut EP Notes 2 Self, West London talent Shakota makes his return with a dazzling new indie-pop love song – Mon Fleur. Making his entrance onto the music scene last year with his debut release, Shakota is rapidly gaining momentum, and a growing following, on both social media and streaming services. Delivering his unique bedroom-pop inspired artistry, he has been captivating listeners with his vibrant melodies and expertly crafted production. And earlier this week, he came back with his first release of the year, and latest single – Mon Fleur. A stunning indie-pop anthem, this is a perfect track to start off 2021! 

Opening the song is a dazzling guitar-led instrumental that brings you into the easy-going soundscape the track delivers. With a dynamic and immersive use of effervescent guitar lines, shimmering synths and rhythmic percussive beats; Shakota creates a truly mesmerizing sonic landscape that sends you into a melodic trance. And delivering a mass of calming vocals and mellow instrumentals, the track is reminiscent of a hazy and nostalgic summer day; reminding you of a romantic, whirlwind romance. Drawing his inspiration from the day to day events and happenings of everyday life,s Shakota showcases a natural talent for storytelling, as he weaves his thoughts and feelings into relatable and poignant lyrics and narratives.

Speaking about the single and his music, Shakota explains:

‘I want people listen to my music and relate it to their own lives’

Certainly one to watch, and a rising musical talent; we can expect a lot more from Shakota down the road. So make sure to stay up to date with all his latest releases, and rising musical journey, on all his socials: 


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