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shugE releases passionate single ‘With Me’

Minneapolis-based songwriter and performer shugE first built his musical career across the 2000s, performing around his home city and receiving support from radio stations across North America. Through this, he became a flagship signing for independent label Anti-Civ Records, and featured heavily in the 2008 documentary about the label.

In 2022, shugE returned from a near decade long hiatus with a new outlook and fresh musical inspiration. ‘first winter’ was then released and toured around the country, now followed by ‘DARK WINTER’, a sister project that sees shugE delve into difficult emotions.

Teaser single for this album ‘With Me’ features intense and emotionally driven songwriting, creating heartfelt atmospheres from simple but intimate arrangements between vocals and acoustic guitar. Passionate and defenceless, shugE delivers a beautifully heartbreaking anthem that leaves you with a sense of poignance well after the final note.

shugE adds, “The song With Me & the new album it is on titled “DARK WINTER” is the ultimate culmination of my roller-coaster of a life as a musician…why I disappeared for a decade, & why I am back at it. I would really love for your listeners to get to experience this song & album with me.”