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Since September – ‘Let You Go’

“There’s no light now, there’s no rainbow/ And it just rains since I let you go”

Making their highly anticipated debut onto the music scene with their first official release, the exciting new four piece indie-pop band, Since September, captured the attention of listeners all over as they unveiled their latest offering late last week – their debut single, Let You GoConsisting of vocalist and pianist Jacob Fowler, vocalist and guitarist Matthew Nolan, vocalist and bassist Harry Holles, and vocalist and guitarist Patrick Ralphson; the band rapidly garnered attention last year after being brought together as a group and performing on Little Mix’s talent competition: Little Mix The Search, which they subsequently won. Now here with the latest taste of their original music and Since September’s artistic style, they have already amassed an impressive 24,500 streams on Spotify alone and are set for an incredible year ahead.  

A perfect debut release, Let You Go brings us deep into the band’s sonic world and introduces us to their vibrant and captivating indie-led sound and style. A bold and emotive power ballad, the track brings you into the mesmerizing soundscape with a poignant and delicate piano instrumental, accompanied by Jacob’s enchanting and heart-felt vocals, before gradually building to a powerful and impassioned chorus. Showcasing their skill and talent, the track seamlessly brings together each member’s individual artistry and sound, while truly capturing the overarching original Since September vibe they have created. All about breaking up with someone, only to realize how much you actually loved them and want them back now they’ve started to move on, but the relationship is long over since you let them go; the song delivers a narrative that is both relatable and universal. 

With more in store from the talented band, make sure to keep up with them on their exciting musical journey on all their socials:


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