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Single Release: Francois Klark – ‘Back Together’

Returning with his first release of the year, Francois Klark delivers a stunning new Christmas Single, Back Together.

As the holiday season gets closer, and the Christmas songs start playing; last Friday, Toronto based singer-songwriter Francois Klark released his brand new Christmas single Back TogetherAfter garnering millions of streams over a range of digital platforms, and having caught the attention of music lovers and industry professionals from across the world; he’s been carving out a space for himself within the music scene, and planting himself firmly as an artist to watch. 

Opening the track is a stunning and delicate piano instrumental, developing into an enchanting ballad filled with emotionally charged lyrics and charming vocal harmonies. With a stripped back soundscape, the track is infused with softly twinkling piano melodies, alongside Francois’ emotive and striking vocal cadences, that blend seamlessly with the electronic and live instrumentation. Giving off a wistful and soulful aura, the glimmering sonic landscape delivers a distinctly festive energy; perfect for the holidays. 

Talking about the deeper meaning and inspiration behind the song, Francois explained:

“‘Back Together’ celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and reaffirms that together we can overcome any hardship and adversity through love for one another. Every year during this time the Christmas story reminds us that love can overcome any distance, and that love is stronger than anything that separates us. Though we are different, and might not always see eye to eye, we are all the same flesh and blood – We depend on each other. This year the promise of that faithful holy night thousands of years ago still rings true. ‘Love will keep us strong.”

A truly stunning track from start to finish, Back Together is a perfect new release to get you in the festive spirit. For more on Francois Klark, and to keep up with all his music news and releases; find him on all his socials:


Photo Cred @Quin West

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