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SLATER releases passionate new single ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’

Cambridge-based up and comer SLATER has been making his presence known by delivering high-energy, passionate and memorable stage performances that has seen him support artist like Sheafs, The Virgin Marys, Brave Liaison, Jetski, and The Ugly Club, sell out headliners in London and perform globally in the festival scene.

SLATER’s latest offering is deeply emotional, with the artist delivering a heart-wrenching performance and showing off a pensive and wise side to his songwriting. Energetic, gritty instrumentation fills the space, with heavy guitars diving into stadium-filling riffs and a ripping solo. The drums are aggressive and punchy and the bass doubles rhythms for even stronger impact.

The vocals is really where this track shines, however, you can hear the connection and pain in SLATER’s voice, portraying the lyricism with ever ounce of understanding he could have. The difficulties found in sickness are communicated with the same troubled dedication to holding yourself together as you would see in a conversation with a loved one. Bittersweet but beautiful ability.

SLATER explains, “We all face unfathomable moments of despair requiring strength and mental stability when we can least afford it. Nothing’s Ever Ok is a story of a loved one battling the big ‘C’ whilst facing the effects of our crumbling NHS. Left with the choice of staying here, watching it spread, or going home and leaving behind her entire life in pursuit of getting better.

This song highlights more than just its main topic, exploring deeper issues of cultural and political propaganda, spread by the mainstream media. With a global pandemic, a war on our doorstep, and people draining food banks, we are virtually hypnotised into believing nothing will ever be okay.”

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