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Slickboy Nae releases sultry new single ‘Filtered’

Florida-based rising star SlickBoy Nae has just dropped his sultry new single, ‘Filtered’. The track showcases Nae’s distinctive style, blending smooth, alluring flows with steamy production around themes of romance. With plucky guitar melodies intertwined with warm piano notes, the song’s dynamic energy is driven by punchy 808s and bouncy, trap-influenced hi-hats. Nae’s performance captures the listener’s attention, conveying deep emotions of frustration, loss of control, and profound love. ‘Filtered’ is a testament to Nae’s ability to engross listeners with the passion and individuality of his sound.

In discussing the inspiration behind ‘Filtered,’ SlickBoy Nae shares, “I wanted to write a song about that love that feels real but isn’t — Filtered Love. Have you ever had someone that loved you behind closed doors and never in public?” This insight into his creative process adds depth to the track, highlighting the personal experiences and emotional nuances that Nae channels into his music.

Originally from Baltimore, SlickBoy Nae now infuses the Northern East Coast hip-hop sound into his new base in Port Saint Lucie. Known for his versatility, Nae expertly combines R&B sultriness with hard-hitting, sleekly produced beats, continually expanding into new genres. Despite considering himself an “underdog,” Nae’s community of followers continues to grow, drawn to his innovative sound and authentic storytelling. Fans of diverse musical styles will appreciate Nae’s ability to seamlessly blend different influences, making ‘Filtered’ a strong addition to his expanding inventory.