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Sorrell release the intricate ‘For Once’

Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Dylan Lee, fellow guitarist Sebastian Zamfirescu, bassist Noel Walker-O’Down and drummer Robin Smith, Leicester-based band Sorrell combine psychedelic pop and post-punk grit for a unique and bewitching sound.

Energetic D.I.Y live shows, praise from BBC Introducing and a spot at Leicester’s Handmade Festival has shown their ability to make waves in the indie-rock space, something that they are focused on expanding and capitalising on.

‘For Once’ is the latest track from the indie four-piece, capturing the hazy soundscapes that their signature sound is rooted in. Twinkling guitar melodies float around the atmosphere, support by a driving drum line and ethereal vocal performance that illuminates the track. The intricate counter-melodies and spacey harmonies simultaneously feel at ease and distinctly disjointed, leading to a sense of beautiful other-worldliness as the music ebbs and flows.

Dylan shares, “’For Once’ is a song that combines a lot of our different sonic influences, going from a mellow dream-pop song into a heavier, experimental rock song. I was influenced by slowcore bands such as Duster and Low during the writing of it, trying to give it a similar hollow, bittersweet feeling to the song. It’s about dealing with existential dread, and the mild anxiety about the everyday, yet still having the hope of escaping from it.”