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Sorrell release the wistful new single ‘For Once’

Leicester-based four piece Sorrell have taken what started as a uni band, and formed it into one of the most reputable groups in the area. Blending the abrasive and the dreamy, their performances are energetic and creative. Debut EP ‘Wait For Bliss’ was released into the world in 2022, garnering praise from BBC Introducing. They followed this up with a performance at Leicester’s Handmade Festival and now look ahead to expanding their horizons.

Back with a track that embraces the dreamy psychedelia of their past releases in full, Sorrell has dropped new offering ‘For Once’. Drenched in restrained emotion, the band slowly build from gentle beginnings into a roaring climax. We first hear the soft and smothered in effects electric guitar outline the wistful atmosphere of the track, followed by a steadfast drum beat and soaring vocal lines. Creating a spacey vibe around them, they slowly let all the subdued feelings loose into rocketing riffs, before putting Pandora back in her box as they wrap the track up in an ethereal atmosphere that leaves you bewitched long after the final note.

Vocalist, Dylan Lee shares, “’For Once’ is a song that combines a lot of our different sonic influences, going from a mellow dream-pop song into a heavier, experimental rock song. I was influenced by slowcore bands such as Duster and Low during the writing of it, trying to give it a similar hollow, bittersweet feeling to the song. It’s about dealing with existential dread, and the mild anxiety about the everyday, yet still having the hope of escaping from it.”