Summer Payton gives a captivating performance in the video for her new track ‘Spotlight’

Summer Payton fuses iridescent harmonies, captivating hooks and stunning, soulful vocals on her latest track ‘Spotlight’. Her throwback R&B sound will have you glued to your headphones and with the addition of a dramatic, story-orientated music video, you’ll be drawn in even deeper. 

Discussing the new track and video, Summer reveals: “It was also important to me to shoot a video for this song, because I had dreamt up the video concept in my head already and I knew a visual would really bring the story to life. In the video, I’m experiencing being held hostage and interrogated by my partner from three different vantage points, or versions of myself. Each one has a different attitude and reacts differently to being in the Spotlight. I wanted the video to feel like a movie, and I call it a mini movie, because of the story it tells, and the fact that the video leaves off on a cliffhanger. The story will continue in another video to be released in the future.”

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