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Moanday and Danny Schiller – ‘La Molina’

Back with the release of their latest new 2021 single, Madrid-based indie duo Moanday – composed of Madrid born musicians Rafael Pérez Santonja and Pablo Vergara de Cantos – have teamed up with fellow Spanish-American crooner Danny Schiller on their brand new single, La Molina. Embarking on their musical journey last year, delivering their debut single, Tell Me; La Molina is the follow up …

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Foley – ‘Anything Before You’

“Lets just stay in the mood/ It’s getting harder to remember anything before you” Coming back with their colourful and signature burst of power pop, rising New Zealand indie-pop duo Foley are set to release their buoyant five-track EP Vacation tomorrow, featuring the stand out single Anything Before You. After gaining a staggering amount of support in their home …

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Morning Trips – ‘My Parade’

Delivering an eclectic fusion of genre-bending sounds, last month, alt-pop band, Morning Trips delivered their new release – their brand new single My Parade. Hailing from Fort Walton Beach, Florida-based four-piece Morning Trips first emerged onto the music scene in 2017; delivering their debut single Blue the following year. Fusing together a variety of genres to create a …