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NewDad – ‘Banshee’ EP

Back with their latest new release, and following on from their earlier single, Say It; today, rising band NewDad, heralding from Galway, have dropped their brand new sophomore EP Banshee. Filled with candour and emotion, the 5-track EP is a vibrant and eclectic expanse of auras and soundscapes; ranging from more melancholic and forlorn, to bittersweet heartache. Primarily delving into …

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Casey Lowry: The Year Ahead

Hailing from Chesterfield, now London-based, indie artist Casey Lowry has rapidly become one of the most talked about artists, and continues to place his mark on the music scene. Since making his emergence in 2017 with the release of his debut single, Trampoline, written by Casey at only 14 years old, he has been captivating the attention …