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Atari Pilot share their optimistic second album ‘It’s the journey you can’t live without’

Swindon-based four-piece Atari Pilot first debuted in 2011, with their album ‘Navigation of the world by sound’ introducing unique ideas and a band comprised of Onze, Paj, Andy and Frosty. After Onze’s recovery from cancer in 2020, the band have returned with a newfound momentum under their feet, releasing a slew of singles. The culmination …

New Music

KAY AY shares heartfelt reflection in new single ‘I’m Over It’

KAY AY’s latest single has been released. Entitled, ‘I’m Over It’ and featuring a beat built around powerful but melancholic piano melodies, the artist performs heart-wrenching and relatable lyricism that speaks to overcoming your failures. Heavy-hitting drums enforce the modern hip-hop atmosphere alongside ethereal samples that add a soft light to the dark and hazy …