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TARA releases glowing new single ‘I Need You’

Dublin born and raised, TARA is currently studying at the LIPA, blending together the sounds of her home with the heritage of Liverpool’s music scene. Notably, TARA collaborated with Irish DJ Fahri Mac on a unique sounding dance anthem that garnered upwards of 100,000 streams on SoundCloud.

Now, TARA has returned with the atmospheric single ‘I Need You’. Taking influence from her recent dance music sensibilities and a glowing pop sound, TARA creates an ethereal soundscape that draws in listeners with pumping four-to-the-floor kick drums and glittered synth melodies. Swirling pads and plucky electric guitars all feed into the vibrant performance that lies in the lead vocal, as TARA. Brimming with light and emotional lyricism, TARA is starting 2024 with a cemented sound that is as infectious as it is gorgeous.

TARA shares, “I wrote this song during one of the Covid lockdowns and it came together pretty quickly. I finished the whole thing in less than a day, that doesn’t usually happen. I was so happy. It was about a boy I had a thing for at the time (the usual lol), but he kept giving me mixed signals so I just had to get my frustration out in a song! As I’ve grown up, the meaning of the song has grown with me, and I no longer think about that boy who gave me mixed signals, ha!”