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Tayler Buono – ‘My Person’

This week, Tayler Buono delivers the perfect anti-Valentines day anthem as she releases her latest single My Person, alongside some brand new visuals. 

An independent singer-songwriter, pop artist Tayler Buono is one of incredible talent; drawing on personal experiences and intimate confessions to deliver inspiring and relatable pop tracks. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Tayler dove into music from an early age; starting to sing at the age of eight, taking up the guitar at fourteen, and steadily garnering an affinity for song writing. Making her emergence onto the music scene with her 2017 single Technically SingleTayler has since gone from strength to strength, releasing a series of incredible tracks that personal, creative and enchanting. Taking listeners on a journey with through her music and artistry, Tayler delivers honest and relatable narratives that deal with love, relationships, breakups and heartache; ultimately offering a powerful roadmap to healing and self-discovery and taking us with her on her own journey. Earlier this week, Tayler debuted her brand new single, and first release of the year, My Person. And today, she followed it up with sone stunning new visuals to accompany the track. 

A perfect anti-Valentines day anthem, just in time for the holiday; My Person is all about letting go, healing and self re-descovery. And for Tayler, the song is all about her letting go of the future she romanticized with the person who has been in her life over the past decade; representing an exciting new chapter for her as an independent artist, as she uses her break-up as a driving force to re-evaluate her career and empower herself as a business woman. Vulnerable and empowering, the track opens with a soft and melodic atmospheric instrumental that is perfectly accompanied by Tayler’s gentle and emotive vocals. As the track progresses, a rhythmic percussive beat enters kicks in and adds a powerful and dynamic energy to the dazzling soundscape. With Tayler’s vocals at the forefront of the track, underpinned by the stunning balladry and instrumentation; her skilled and captivating performance brings us deep into the sonic world of the song. 

Accompanied by a brand new music video, out today; the visuals show Tayler experiencing both extreme highs and lows as she navigates her post-breakup world. Sat in her bedroom, the rain pours down as she gives a stunning performance of the song; adding a new layer of sentiment and emotion to the song. 

“I wrote “My Person” while I was going through a breakup with someone has been in and out of my life over the past 10 years. It’s about letting go of the future I romanticized together and accepting that I deserve better. I was sitting in my LA apartment crying over this guy, heartbroken, and feeling down and stuck in my career. I decided to go back home to lay low and stay with my parents for a bit in Florida. Something shifted in me one day and it felt like I really woke up. I thought, “Why am I sitting here waiting for opportunities to come to me when I should be creating opportunities for myself?”

With exciting projects and more new music on the horizon, 2021 is set to be an incredible year for Tayler. So make sure you don’t miss out on any of her music news and latest releases; and keep up with her on all her socials: 


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