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Taylor Castro – ‘Breathe’

Back with her first release of the New Year; earlier this week, rising artist Taylor Castro delivered her brand new single Breathe. 

Starting the year off strong, and following up her final single of 2020 – This Ain’t Love with Carson Rowland – earlier this week, rising pop artist Taylor Castro released her brand new single Breathea perfect track for the current times. With strong, powerful vocals, reminiscent of artists such as Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello; Taylor is rapidly carving out her own niche and space within the industry, consistently honing and develop her craft to create a mass of powerful and addictive tracks. 

With all the angst and emotions surround these wild times we’re currently living in, Breathe delves into the complexity and narrative of those emotions; and Taylor talks about how we all have plenty to feel rage about these days, and we’re all trying to start fresh in our own way. Introducing the track is a gentle instrumental that brings you into an ethereal and atmospheric soundscape, filled with subtle, ambient synths. As the song progresses, and Taylor’s vocals emerge onto the sonic landscape, the melody builds to deliver a stunning and impassioned pop-led instrumentation; featuring rhythmic percussive beats and emotive harmonies. 

“I wrote ‘Breathe’ during quarantine, in the midst of a rage. In both length and theme, it’s equivalent to one single breath: a breath that will calm unparalleled anger. It deals with the frustration of feeling like someone’s doormat, like they only see you for how you affect them rather than as your own entity. Although I’ve since calmed, I hope this song will give listeners a sense of empowerment. I hope it will lend an ear to their quarrels. Lastly, I hope it will allow them to breathe”.

Taylor talking about Breathe

With Taylor’s debut full-length album GIRL, AFRAID set for release later this year, featuring a selection of new and pre-released tracks; Taylor is headed for more incredible things. So make sure to keep up with Taylor and her journey on all her socials:


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