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Taylor Castro – ‘Muse With A Dagger’

Continuing her series of incredible releases, dazzling pop artist Taylor Castro is back with her brand new single Muse with a Dagger, released last week.

Already making an incredible start to the year, pop singer-songwriter Taylor Castro continues to add to her ever growing sonic collection with the release of her latest single Muse with a Dagger last week. With the steady rise of her audience and fanbase, already amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify alone; she continues to impress with her powerhouse vocals and skilled artistry. Taken from her upcoming concept album Girl, Afraid, Muse with a Dagger is the latest example of Taylor’s incredible talent and artistic creativity. 

Delivering a gentle and restful instrumentation; alongside the atmospheric melodies, Taylor’s impressive vocals fill the enchanting soundscape and are undoubtedly the focal feature of the track. A powerful and emotive pop hit, Muse With A Dagger opens with a gentle guitar-led pop beat that runs throughout; accompanied by rhythmic percussive beats and warbling melodies to create a stunning instrumental. Quietly powerful, the bold sonic composition and enchanting ambience are the perfect backdrop for the relatable, poignant and universal narrative; told through raw and candid lyricism. And to accompany the release, Taylor also delivered a brand new music video for the track; bringing the song to life with cinematic and captivating visuals. 

“‘Muse with a Dagger’ can be seen from many different angles, depending on the listener’s subjective point of view. For me, it’s a song about the divisions society forces us to have with those who aren’t like us, told allegorically through a relationship between two individuals. The pair forms an unexpected bond but are torn apart due to the polarized communities they come from. This is not Romeo and Juliet, though, because the characters have genuine loyalty to their people and are frustrated by the unwanted connection. When a natural conflict occurs between the two, they rage against the other’s community. It’s all in vain, however, because both of them will always be an entity separate from what they stand with. In a rage, one can destroy the world of the other but never quite bring themselves to destroy the other. This is because we are not defined by what we associate with. We are defined solely by the corners of our inner selves that no one can quite fit into or even grasp.”

Another incredible release, Taylor is set for fantastic year in music this 2021. So make sure to keep up with her ever rising journey, and series of impressive releases, on all her socials.