‘Tell Me Y’ is the mesmerising new EP from Dessireé

South-East London songstress Dessireé delivers nostalgic yet contemporary R&B vibes in her newest release ‘Tell Me Y’. Sharing an EP that is personal, honest and admirable, Dessireé shows exactly why she should be on your radar. Blending soothing vocals and empowering lyricism, Dessireé’s talents know no limit, so prepare to be blown away by this masterpiece. Comprising 7 gorgeous tracks, ‘Tell Me Y’ takes listeners on a journey from start to finish and will most certainly have you reaching for that repeat button. 

Discussing the special project, Dessireé reveals, “I wanted to create a project that is a raw and true declaration of my vulnerability and expression as a black woman. Each song is a reflection of a different character and energy I find within myself. Society has consistently put black women in a box but this project is an opposition to that ideology. My core message for the entire project is to represent the freedom for black women to be who they want to be without being put in a box, to take whatever form they desire free from society’s ideals. Tell me Y I cant be stern and sexy. Tell me Y I can’t be vulnerable. Tell me Y I can’t be me. The aim is to break the usual stereotypes we are faced surrounding our vulnerability and the many forms we can assume. It intends to celebrate our femininity, sensuality and sensitivity by offering that  expression from my experience in the project.” 

She further notes, “Each song is a reflection of a different character and energy I find within myself. I creatively directed and produced a shoot where I brought these characters to life. There are seven tracks on the EP so there are seven different characters/energies for each song. For the first track ‘Insanity’ I assumed the character of ‘Miss Dessy’ because that’s what the school kids used to call me when I was a teacher before I started doing music. I also wrote the song at that time too. For the 4th track ‘Unrequited’ I assumed the energy of ‘Housewife Dessy’ because it’s about unrequited love. I was inspired by my heartbreak but also the 1950-60’s era when gender roles were a lot more prominent. The woman’s role was to be a housewife and take care of the kids, whilst the men would work long hours and sometimes cheat on their wives and then come home to a full plate of dinner.”

Making all the right moves,  Dessireé is a name to remember amongst the UK R&B scene. Be sure to keep up to date with what this artist returns with.

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