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Tenacity releases irresistible album ‘Long Faint Lights’

An atmospheric and cinematic offering, ‘Long Faint Lights.’ This offering is a melting pot of stripped-back, raw moments, sing-along pop hits and huge musical climaxes across its ten tracks. The band’s tight musicianship shines through in the album’s infectious grooves, showcasing their jazz influences, but the magic goes well beyond the playing. Cinematic ambience and well-crafted pop blend together throughout the record, making it both catchy enough for your Spotify playlists and intriguing enough for deeper appreciation. You’re constantly presented with a one-of-a-kind wall of noise that pays homage to genres and artists of all kinds, and this variety is ultimately the key feature of the album.

Speaking about the release, Dan tells us: “This album has been a long time coming for us, and I think (like many people) we’ve been through a lot in the past few years. These songs reflect on those experiences and are a call for a better future going forward.” 

Ula further shares: “We started working on Long Faint Lights just before the whole world came to a stop. Though it slowed us down, the whole situation made us look for creative ways around the logistical difficulties and we got there in the end. It feels so good to finally get it out despite the bumpy road that led to it.” 

“These songs are made up of the most personal words I’ve ever shared with anyone, and not just through music but in general.”

If this release is anything to go by, they’re a band that is definitely worth keeping your eye on. With each release improving, it won’t be long until their signature sound is taking them to big slots on festivals and climbing chart positions.

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