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The Dualers releases irresistible new album ‘Voices From The Sun’

Chart-topping ska & reggae act The Dualers have released a vibrant new album ‘Voices From The Sun.’ The 14-track offering is a colourful canvas and a melting pot of different genres, creating a unique and signature sound. Infectious drums working hand in glove with a groovy bass creating an irresistible groove that provides the backbone of the album. Tyber Cranstoun vocals are well-penned, emotional and raw but tinged with playfulness and are layered well.

The band has also showcased their more mature sound, penning down an album that touches on various emotions and feelings. ‘Sunny Days’ is everything you expect from The Dualers. A melting pot of horns, guitars, vocal melodies, ebbing and flowing in between each other. Whereas ‘Special’ is a more stripped back, vulnerable version of the band. Whilst still an infectiously penned track, ‘Special’ entices the listener in even further with it’s minimalistic style.

However, the band’s personal journey is perhaps even more inspiring. Born to the man who quite literally brought Ska to the UK, brothers Tyber and Si Cranstoun formed the Jamaican Rhythm and Blues band with literal music history running through their veins. The pair’s humble beginnings as buskers quickly blossomed into a viral sensation with videos of the brothers causing impromptu dance street parties quickly amassing over 7 million YouTube views.

Voices From The Sun marks an extraordinary personal and professional journey for the band while retaining the impossibly optimistic nature that has been such a hit.

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