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The Ivy release infectious new single “Too Much” ahead of third EP

Oklahoma’s indie pop duo The Ivy return with latest offering ‘Too Much.’ ‘Too Much’ is an indie anthem at heart, fuelled by a tight bass line, captivating vocal melodies and emotionally written lyrics. The words surround the subject of oversharing with someone in their usual 80s inspired warmth.

Said the band of the new single, “‘Too Much’ started with just a drum loop and bass line. The pocket felt so good, that it made the song easy and enjoyable to write. We wrote it alongside production duo SameSame (Rob Cohen, Blake Mares) who helped us hone the feel and sound of the track. The idea of overthinking a conversation is a way too real feeling. Because of how relatable that subject was, it made the lyrics come organically.

The duo came together in the Oklahoma’s music scene, having first met at music production school. The Ivy has since been touring and honing their live show, performing alongside acts such as LANY and The Band Camino. The single has come at the right time for the duo, just before an extensive U.S. summer tour with Grayscale.

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