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The Pretty Ugly want to be more than your “Friend”

The Pretty Ugly are back with a brand new single: “Friend.”

Fuses contemporary with classic, the band are serving up a refreshing take on indie-rock music. Heavy-hitting drums, chorus-soaked guitars and irresistible vocal lines are what make this track stand out!

Speaking about the single, the band say: “Friend is a lively musical piece written to depict how the seemingly mysterious and invisible barrier between a friendship and a relationship can be broken with a little bit of time and energy. We wanted the dreamy longing to be shown in the way the music works so we used these cool bell sounding synths for the chorus and loads of chorus drenched guitars to really fit that nostalgic vibe we love so much. It’s the music of our childhoods, the music we love and we think we’ve nailed it with this one.

The Pretty Ugly are a 4 piece Alt pop/rock group based in Yorkshire. The 80s obsessed Indie rockers (once described as looking like they ‘met at a bus stop’)  aren’t your average alternative group. A unique blend of alt rock and past decade nostalgia breathe a new breath of life into the 2020s that comes just as unexpected as it is needed.

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