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Back with a brand new sound, aesthetic and artistic style; The Vamps have been teasing this next step in their musical journey with a series of singles, from Married In Vegas to BetterAnd in this week’s lead up to their latest release, they’ve been building the anticipation with more previews of what’s to come over on their socials. And today, they finally release Cherry Blossomtheir fifth, brand new studio album, that we’ve all been waiting for! Debuting a new era of The Vamps, this album marks a slight departure from the previous sound we’re used to, but in the best possible way! 

With the record’s title a reflection of their desire for sonic reinvention, this is certainly one artistic feature they achieved with Cherry Blossom. And with a departure from their more mainstream-pop focused sound; a new and vibrant range of synth-pop led, EDM-tinged tracks fill this incredible 11-track album. Accompanied by a handful of acoustic live performances on their Blossom Sessionsthere is a new energy and fervour brought along with Cherry Blossom’s release. So with a dynamic collection of bangers and ballads, The Vamps’ first release of the year is now available to stream and listen to worldwide.

To kick off the album is Glory Days. A two-part track, we are introduced to the album with Glory Days – Intro – a 14 second instrumental filled with light, ethereal, airy synths; giving us a sense of what’s to come. This seamlessly blends into Glory Days, a gentle pop ballad filled with a captivating drum beat and pulsating synth melodies. A perfect song to start the album, we get a fusion of a more classic Vamps sound, but with elements of their new mature tone that we hear across Cherry Blossom.

The next three track are the pre-released singles off the album – Better, Married in Vegas and Chemicals. A diversion from Glory Days; on these singles, we get a compilation of more catchy, up-tempo alt-pop tracks. With playful melodies, and new rock elements entering the eclectic soundscape; we get a range of tracks that all focus on that universal feeling of love, but coming from three different perspectives. 

Following on from Better, thematically the album begins to delve into some of the more complex and difficultsides of love as we dive into the mid section of the album. Would You has as stunning atmospheric 80s vibe, and John Mayer-esque element to it, as it looks thematically at a lover second guessing their partner. This is sonically contradicted on the next track Bitter, which is led by a strong modern bassline and subtle electro inspired instrumentals. However lyrically, it continues that story told in Would You, as it tells the tale of a complicated love you can’t get away from. 

One of the two break up songs on the album; Part of Me layers Brad’s stunning vocals on top of a production filled with engrossing instrumentals and captivating synth-pop beats, to reflect on that heart-breaking feeling of after a relationship has ended. However, despite this being a break up song, it’s not until the next track Protocol that things get truly emotional. Another song that dwells on the aftermath of a relationship, Protocoljuxtaposes Part Of Me, with its sombre and stripped back guitar-led instrumental. Written by James, he describes the song as being all about “exploring the darkest regions of your mind and acknowledging the implications and consequences of selfishness. It wasn’t easy to write”. Filled with eerie guitar interludes and poignant vocals, Protocol is definitely one to have you all in your feelings. 

Bringing the tempo back up, Nothing But You will certainly lighten your spirits with its up-lifting dance-pop vibe. However, ending the album on a more serene note, the final track Treading Water brings the rhythm back down to a more calm and gentle mood. Opening with an acoustic guitar arrangement, perfectly layered underneath Brad’s melodious vocals; the song moves away from the specific notion of relationships, instead focusing on the universal feeling of loneliness. Raw and emotional, it’s the perfect song to end the album on as it touches on a significant and overarching notion of working on yourself first; with the final lyrics being “First off I’ll work on me”. 

One thing you can feel on this album is the growth and maturity for The Vamps, both sonically and artistically, as they have continued to build on their songwriting and musicianship. And now what we get in Cherry Blossom is an album that is catchy and full of life; with a captivating sonic composition, accompanied by relatable and emotive lyricism.  

So make sure to stream Cherry Blossom, here – an album you’re bound to be listening to non stop for the rest of the year! And for our review on The Vamps’ previous single Better, head hereTo keep up with The Vamps, and where their musical journey takes them next; find them on all their socials @thevamps/ @thevampsband and be the first to hear about all their music news. 

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