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New York Native, now living in Nashville, singer-songwriter Theo Kandel has been busy this year with a string of incredible releases. Having put out a series of double releases over the last few months, as of early this month, he now adds a third record to mix; volume 3 of his Love & Other Complaints project. With each release having its own unique style and flair, Kandel has moved through electro-folk and roots-folk genres, to now navigate into indie-rock/pop territory with volume three. Highlighting his versatility as a singer and artist, his new releases consists of two new tracks – Around The Bend and Little Shifts (Feel Alright) that focus on the theme of holding onto positivity in times of darkness. 

Kicking things off with track one, the record begins with Around The Bend. Setting the tone, the track opens with a gentle guitar-led instrumental. Highlighting the transition of genres on this project, the intro is a stunning composition of soft indie beats with an ever so slight country element and John-Mayer-esque vibe. With a calm indie melody running throughout, this is the perfect accompaniment to Kandel’s light and honeyed vocals. 

Switching things up slightly on Little Shifts (Feel Alright), we get a more distinct country vibe on the track, although there is still a notable indie element to the composition that ties it in to the sound we get on Around The Bend. Slightly more up-tempo, we get that laid back guitar let instrumental running throughout the track, with it radiating a real up-beat and positive energy that makes it a truly irresistible listen. 

With each track having its own distinct sound, the overarching themes, and gentle indie melodies, pull them together and make them a perfect duo for Love & Other Complaints, Volume 3Talking about the record, Theo says how “I wanted to figure out ways to make my sad thoughts happy again”, with the release being all about fining that ray of light in a time of relative darkness. And with the soft up-tempo vibe of project, it’s certainly one that gives off a positive and uplifting energy.  

So make sure to keep an eye out for the next release from Theo Kandel! And to be the first to know about all his music news and upcoming releases and events, keep up with him on social media – TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

Photo Cred @ Kristina Russo

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