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Theo Kandel – ‘Spin Cycle’ EP

“How could anybody”

Last week, alternative pop singer-songwriter and NYC native Theo Kandel returned with the release of his exciting new record – his brand new EP Spin Cyclealongside a brand new music video for one of the EP’s stand out tracks Good Guy. A stunning six-track collection, the record features pre-released singles including Anaconda Hearts and How Could Anybody. With an overarching mellow and melodic ambient energy, the record delivers a vibrant and complex array of immersive soundscapes that bring you deeper into Theo’s artistic world. Recorded in his Nashville bedroom, with the rich local music scene shaping his artistic style; the EP fuses together sonic influences from across pop, indie, folk and country that make for a unique and captivating blend. And further adding to the record, accompanying each song will be a companion music video to further elevate the senses and create a full audio-visual experience.

Bringing us into the vulnerable and enchanting world of Spin Cycle is the opening record and pre-released track How Could Anybody. Released at the end of last year, How Could Anybody introduces some of the themes that we see run throughout the record as Theo works through the transitions of relationships, age, and geographical location with his skilled lyricism and storytelling. With a rhythmic, acoustic guitar-led melody weaving its way throughout the track, pushing Theo’s honeyed vocals to the forefront of the sonic landscape; we see him deliver a narrative that explores an emotional moment between him and his paramour. Up next is another pre-released track Anaconda Hearts that delivers a more emotive and poignant energy and features some stunning string elements woven throughout. 

Talking about the record, Theo explains how the overarching theme captures “that idea of circular thinking that you can have when you experience heartbreak – or any kind of sadness like that – where you keep finding yourself back in the same place.”

On song number three, Theo introduces us to the first of the new releases and final single off of the record, Good Guy; a track for which he delivered an accompanying music video alongside the EP release. Delving into the folksy side of his artistry, Good Guy transitions seamlessly across finger-plucked guitar melodies to bolder sonic arrangements and vocals as he explores love and heartbreak. A perfect cinematic fit to match the vibe and energy of the song, yet entirely different from the track, the accompanying music video features retro-tinged visuals that see Theo and his friends have a field day at Nashville’s Cleveland Park ballfield.

As we head into the latter half of the EP, we get another one of Theo’s pre-released singles i don’t wanna think about that as well as two brand new tracks – I’m Not Happy Now (Either) and the title song Spin Cycle. Delivering an overarching narrative all about the emotional aftermath of a relationship and detailing the cycle of a break up, Spin Cycle is the perfect track to play the record out on. Bringing the EP round full circle, Spin Cycle plays out the final notes as it ends the project on the lyric “how could anybody” – the title of the lead track and the same lyrics that begin the EP. “The Spin Cycle EP opens with the lyric ‘how could anybody’ – also the title of the leadoff song – and ends in the same way. The final line in ‘Spin Cycle’ is ‘how could anybody.’ So it’s that idea of always coming back to where you started or always picking up where you left off. It’s this seemingly never-ending cycle.”

An overall stunning EP, we are sure to be hearing more from Theo over the weeks and months to come. To keep up with Theo Kandel, make sure to find him on all his socials:


Photo Cred @Nathaniel Clayton